Seventh-Day Adventist Church

StudyTracker Interest Tracking and Online Bible Studies


Claiming Interests

You can "Claim" interests that are shared by a ministry in StudyTracker.  Once you Claim the interest, it is added to your list of contacts for you to manage.


  1. In the StudyTracker Dashboard click the Settings tab.
  2. Add your ZIP code(s) in the Zip Codes box.  If you cover more than one ZIP code, enter then with a coma in between.  (ie: 90210,90212,90213)
  3. If you want to be notified when a new interest is added in your ZIP codes, add your email address in the "Unclaimed Notify" box.
    You can get a text message instead by using your cellphone number with an SMS gateway (See:
  4. Don't forget to [Save Changes] when done.  It takes ~24 hours for shared interests to start flowing.
  5. You can Claim interests in your ZIP code(s) by clicking the Contacts tab.
  6. Click the Unclaimed link to view the shared interests in your ZIP code(s).
  7. Click the Select All link at the top right column or manually select the interests you want to Claim.

The Claimed interests are now part of your contacts and can be managed along with all your other contacts.