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StudyTracker Interest Tracking and Online Bible Studies


Managing Interests

Managing Interests in StudyTracker

The Contacts tab in StudyTracker is designed to be an interactive database where user contact information can be added searched, and sorted using titles, like interests, notes, and/or tags.

Data is entered:

  • Manually by a StudyTracker Admins, Coordinators or Instructors; Added from users completing StudyTracker Lessons
  • Imported via CSV file
  • Claimed from ministries that share interests

Once entered, Interest data can be exported via CSV file, PDF files in the form of Labels, business cards, or postcards.


Steps for a New Interest:

  1. Sign in to your netAdventist website.
  2. Select the StudyTracker link at the bottom of the homepage. You are taken to the StudyTracker dashboard.
  3. Select the Contacts tab at the top of the page. You are taken to a page containing your current contacts index list.
  4. To add a new contact manually, select the New button in the top right hand corner. A page will open up allowing you to enter contact info and demographics.
  5. At the top left corner is a drop down for selecting a new Contact or Coordinator. Leave this on Contact for adding user demographic information you are a small organization.
  6. Select the Create button when finished. You are taken back to the contacts main index list page.
  7. Once a contact has been added, Select the contact name. The contact information page opens. On this page you can add notes, background information, relationships, edit demographics or print a vCard by selecting one of the category links. When finished editing, select the Update button. You are returned to the contacts main index list page.
  8. At the top of the page you can search through all your contacts by entering any part of a name and selecting the Search button. You can also search by demographic information by select the search by city, state, country, zip, or email link. Entering in a portion of a demographic and select the Search Contacts button. Contacts containing your search criteria will be displayed.
  9. Below the search field there is a Show drop down list. By select a category in the drop down list you can modify the contacts that are displayed.
  10. To edit an existing contact, select the contact form the list by clicking on the name of the contact. The Contact name will appear in the tab list and will open up the demographic page for the contact.
  11. To assign a contact or interest to an instructor, you must first be a an administrator or coordinator. Sign in to Studytracker. 
  12. You will be taken to the Studytracker homepage. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the StudyTracker link.
  13. Select the contacts tab on the StudyTracker dashboard.
  14. Above the contacts list, you will see a list of links. One will be called Reassign to the selected owner with a dropdown list in front of it.
  15. In the dropdown list, check on the contact or interest you wish to assign to a different instructor. Once selected in the drop down list select the Reassign to the selected owner link.
  16. Your contact will be reassigned.